2007 Election Website


Normally in a Punchscan election scanning anomalies would be rare because both a poll worker and a voter scan the privacy preserving receipt together. From there, they can find any anomalies on the screen and take an appropriate action. Due to the remote nature of this election, some of the ballots we received had problems, and this page documents those issues. Note that we were instructed to accept any ballot in which the marks or intention of the voter were clear, and we did so faithfully. In most cases, we requested that a ballot be resent and received no response.

Problems are listed in order of serial number. Missing ballots did not (appear to) have any problems. Send any questions to rick at punchscan.

Ballot Serial NumberDescription of Problems
7Ballot ID 7 was not a valid ballot that could be downloaded because it was the ID given on an earlier sample ballot that was sent out. Additionally, the voter who sent us this ballot was not listed on the elligible voters list.
1048This ballot was not printed with Adobe and contained both sets of letters.
1705See 1048. Also, ballot had candidates circled.
2098Had candidates circled. This makes it impossible to check the receipt.
3002See 1048.
3390This ballot was not printed with Adobe Reader and does not have the serial number or the top or bottom sheet letters on it. Instead, the chosen candidates were cirlced. We found the ballot ID assigned to that voter and made marks corresponding to that voter's intention. This makes it impossible to check the receipt.
3729All information on this ballot was already blacked out and we could not process the ballot.
5217See 1048.
6847See 1048.
6870See 1048.
7516This ballot had check marks next to candidates.
8940This ballot had the corresponding letter written inside of the circle.